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Versiondog is the world's leading vendor independent, change management solution for PLC's, CNC's, SCADA systems, HMI's, robots, drives and field devices.

Versiondog analyses the data and programs of many different automation equipment manufacturers and provides detailed graphical comparisons between the online program and the offline project. With SmartCompares it only takes a few clicks to obtain an easy to understand analysis between any two versions of your software asset. Its automated functions help deal with the flood of data and versions in any production environment.

Factory floor status provides a comprehensive overview of your devices, including an MLFB overview, firmware versions, hardware serial numbers, cycle times, battery status, backup results and much more.

Your Versiondog advantages:

  • Identify unauthorised program changes immediately
  • Generate change records quickly and easily
  • Quickly find the right data for disaster recovery
  • Simplify coordination and management of external contractors
  • Save time with fully automated backups
  • Reduce wastage by closely monitoring quality-relevant set points and parameters
  • Predictive maintenance

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