Sensing & Process Measurement

From discrete automation to continuous control iOpen has you covered with its range or sensing and process measurement solutions.

iOpen has quality solutions selected for their reliability, accuracy and robustness for use in harsh environments. If you have a sensing or measurement solutions for manufacturing or process control, we will have robust quality solutions which will meet your needs

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A broad and diverse portfolio of quality products from leading vendor to provide efficiently running solutions for optimum energy savings for every control application. Ranging from small OEM solutions and packages to complex torque and control functionality, we have drives and motor control solutions to meet your needs.


Swiss quality for standard and custom solutions. The global leader known for high quality sensors with product lines for both demanding applications and economical requirements.

Miniature, extreme range, full inox, high temperature and pressure applications and weld immune applications are core product for Contrinex.

Inductive, Capacitive, Photoelectric, Ultrasonic RFID Sensors and Safety Solution Sensors. Soft Staters. Low complexity analogue to full digital control with bypass relays.

Emerson Process Measurement

Globally known as the process expert in reliable process measurement solutions. Call us to discuss your measurement and instrumentation needs for Temperature, Pressure, Flow and Analysis.


Advance Micro Control System International are well known for their reliable and robust solutions for Encoders and Resolvers build for harsh environments.

Talk to us today to find reliable solutions for positioning and measurement for your mobile equipment.