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IRMA - Industry Risk Management Automation

IRMA provides holistic protection against cyber attacks in production plants. Without being active in the IT network, IRMA continually monitors your network traffic, delivers information about cyber-attacks and enables a risk-based analysis as well as intelligent alerting by means of a clear management console. Identified risks can be evaluated early and actions can be initiated without hesitation in order to stop an attack or to defuse its consequences effectively.

IRMA was developed as a state-of-the-art innovative IT solution and provides a methodical tool for a target-orientated risk analysis.

IRMA is the first monitoring system that can be smoothly implemented into the production process in a few steps, IRMA is ready to monitor your production network without timely and costly implementation processes and configurations.

Your IRMA benefits:

  • Optimal IT security at the most up-to-date level
  • Immediate recognition of anomalies in the IT network
  • Automated passive surveillance
  • Protection of non-patchable systems, i.e. Windows NT/2000/XP, old SPS, OPC Classic
  • Protection of certified production plants and processes without re-certification (i.e. pharmaceutical, chemistry, food)
  • Immediate operational readiness through simple installation and cross-vendor concept

IRMA offers:

  • A complete overview of your IT systems, networks and data connections
  • Integrated alarm management for cyber security incidents
  • Continual surveillance, attack recognition and reporting in real time
  • A methodical tool for a target-oriented risk analysis

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